Social Media & The Modern Entertainer | Showcase your Best Self

Entertainers, I’m sure at some point social media’s effect on your career crossed your mind.

If your social presence is an after-thought, I hope this article opens your mind to a new tool towards your growth and success.

I have tips, just for you!

First, let’s answer some questions you sent my way…

Q: Do casting directors look up talent on social media? Yes, it’s highly likely.

Q: Could my social media presence prevent me from being cast? Yes.

Q: Do I have to be on social media platforms to be booked?  No. It’s a social tool.

All of these great questions will be answered in my tips below. Let’s get started!

GOOGLE YOURSELF: Firstly, you should survey the internet for what you are working with.

  • If a casting director is not familiar with you, a quick Google search will help them paint an image of who you are.
  • Sometimes, this search lasts longer than your audition.
  • Type in your name in the Google search bar, survey the first page of results.
  • See what is made public for any viewer from these links.
  • Then move to images, and videos.

Have pen and paper ready. Take notes of what needs to be removed, or added to create a better and accurate social presence.

BUILD A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE: or register with websites like 800 casting, Actor’s Access, IMDB etc.

  • The web is filled with tons of free website building programs.
  • This is the prime location to showcase professionalism with a killer bio, resume, current photos, demo reels, and passion projects.
  •  Let your personality shine.
  • Research marketing tips if you aren’t familiar.
  • On your website you can display your range as an entertainer.
  • Having a resume available for download also, and links to your social media platforms. From IMDB to Twitter.

CREATE AN INTERNET IDENTITY: This is going to be a short heart-to-heart.

I want you to sit down, pen and paper, figure out who you are in a nutshell.

A list of  descriptive words.

  • Example:  Creative, Empathetic, Intelligent, bold, rough around the edges…?
  • Speak with your Agent or Manager.
  • Then amplify these aspects.
  •  Build your own community.
  • You are your own brand. Figure out what draws others to you.
  • What community do you want.
  • How to you relate to others?

Social media is a constant work in progress.

  1. DEVELOP YOUR SOCIAL PRESENCE: This is the expansion of your identity.

I want you to put yourself out there!

  • Focus on who is engaging in your posts as opposed to follower count.
  • Go out there and build a quality network.
  • Follow others in your field, meet other professionals.
  • Create partnerships in your local community.
  • Collaborate and Share Networks.
  • Be present in your field’s online community also.
  • Get your name out there.
  • Exposure, and Networking present opportunity.

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT: This covers many aspects on your social media.

  • Find three words to describe your social image from the tips above.
  • Upon making a post, ask yourself does this fit A, B, and C? If yes, post. If not, save as draft and rethink or discard the post.
  • Secondly, don’t post out of negative emotions.

So catering did not serve food up to your standard on set. I highly suggest you do not rant about your industry on social media.

Stand up for what you believe in, that’s one thing.

  • Ranting about your field is less than attractive. Many projects are a family, filming for many years.
  • Would a casting team want to invest in an entertainer speaking negativity of their field. No.

PROJECT YOUR BEST QUALITIES: We are building on these tips as we go.

  • Always approach social media with a positive mentality.
  • Give your community, from followers, subscribers, friends etc. your best content!
  • Be personable, share tips they can take away from your posts.
  • It’s more than visuals, and context, but also quality content.


*If on your first google search, you find a high school theatre production of yours from 10 years ago, that might not represent your current strides and work.

  • Time is money, time is precious.
  • Private that video on Youtube, and make your current work public.
  • If casting searches for 5 minutes let them find your best.

BONUS TIP! Learn the proper use of each social platform.

  • Hootsuite offers free content, but paid certification exams.
  • Use that free knowledge on how to use all social platforms to your advantage.
  • If you want to add this as a professional skill, it may not have a place on your acting resume, but get certified and add to your LinkedIn.
  • I will always encourage self improvement!


There you have it-Tips for building a strong social media foundation.

If you don’t care for social platforms, a director will never count against you for having very private accounts or none at all.

  • It’s a tool.
  • Use your platforms as a living resume filled with a variety of content.
  • Inspire others!
  • As performers, we’re in the business of humans, right?

We study humans, we’re entrusted to tell sacred stories in one format or another. While others are introduced to your online presence, you will meet many others in the process.  Enjoy the journey!




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