A Contact Journal to Launch your Career| The 88 Cent Networking Tip!

Hello Entertainers!


I know you’re out there getting work. Digging deep to produce authentic work. Building your brand to separate from the pack. Today let’s talk about how an investment of 88 cents can launch your career.

The number one rule to your success, progress. The use of will-power to achieve new milestones. This trans-formative mindset can take an 88 cent journal into a contact journal for networking. How and why? Let’s dig in!

  1.     Purchase a Journal: 88 cents was the lowest priced Journal I scoped out at my local office store.
  2.    Where do I use this: At an event: Workshop, an Agent’s showcase, Networking event, Audition etc.


How do I get contact information?


  1.    When you make a connection with a Producer, C.D. , C.S.A. , Manager etc. I want you to use your personality to form not an impression, but a bond.
  2.    After having a quality conversation you wrap up with-“Meeting you has been a pleasure, I’d love to stay connected. What’s your preferred contact method?”
  3.    Take Notes on your Smartphone: Social Media is huge! Gone are the days when pulling out a Cell Phone is seen as rude at an event. It’s all about when.
  4.    Use your Memopad– Add their First and Last name with contact method. You then excuse yourself a write a personal note Example: “John Doe has a Shepherd named Boone.”
  5.    Follow on Social Media: That Evening. When your connection is fresh in their minds.


What is the point? Will they even remember me?


When you get home from this event, you check your Memopad. Maybe you have 5 contacts, maybe you got 45. Now we transfer the information.

  • Create Categories: You can even use tabs for organization. Commercial, Theatrical etc. Or in depth such as: C.S.A’S, Producers , C.D.’s etc.
  • Transfer the Information: with your personal notes into your contact journal by hand.
  • Create a group in your email: Labeled-Monthly Networking Group or similar.


Now, here is where the magic happens!

  1.   Once every month, Just once.
  2.   Create a visual image of your Current Headshot, the Network or Project Logo, the Episode, Time etc. Or the Live Showcase Information you’re performing in.
  3.   You will make it easy to read this poster in one glance.
  4.   Personalize the email: Hello again John Doe, I’d love to share with you my current passion project. Send Boone a hug from me!
  5.   Don’t anticipate a response: You are contacting to draw  your professional contact to the brand you’re sculpting, your current projects also.


Luck is preparation meeting an opportunity.


Not only will these contacts form relationships. They will create opportunities in your market. The entertainment industry is run by those who work. Don’t just be a Dreamer- be a “Do-er”.  Making connections is about just that, CONNECTING. Be your authentic self. If this is the industry you love, then learn about those like you. Those who work keep it thriving!






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