Your Agent Is Not Your Career | Real Talk

Hello Actors,

I just experienced something I had to pass on!

Your agent is not your career

Plain and simple. An agent & manager each provide unique services to guide your career. They can only give you more of what you already have.

For instance:

  1. Suggesting new headshots within your brand.
  2. Asking you to polish certain skills.
  3. Suggesting coaches.
  4. Booking audition opportunities.
  5. Booking opportunities to showcase.

I overheard a young actress bragging about how many agents she’s “Burned through” in the past 3 years living here.

It saddened me to hear that. Now, with little perspective she could be on her way up!

Many managers take on a small group of talent, to nurture within their respective field. Which I would suggest to a talent like her. If she’s gone through so many agents- She’s not booking, and simply needs better direction.

She needs a manager.

Agents have a large roster, so their talent is consistently booking. Keeping their agency thriving.

Typically, when a talent doesn’t book, they are dropped from the company, within the agency’s designated window, to make room for profitable talent.

Remember-this is “Show Business

As an actor, I want you to focus on the business factors behind being a profitable talent. Just as much as your on camera techniques, truthfully.

My personal rule for success is rooted in my theatre school’s mantra from 11 years ago:

“Do the work”

When I was selected for a WWE contract opportunity, guess what was on their walls…


There is a reason that this phrase echoes through many respective areas of entertainment!

It’s the truth.

  • So remember, do your homework. Your work ethic is all on you!



  • To evolve your craft.
  • To network.
  • To represent your brand.
  • To book auditions.
  • To build your skill set.
  • To polish your skills.
  • To know the faces of this industry.
  • To keep your media: [ Headshots, Reels, and resume] current.
  • Manage your social media- Or seek a publicist.
  • Seek mentorship.
  • Manage your personal health.
  • Have great on set conduct.
  • Punctuality.
  • Professionalism.

You’re in the driver’s seat!

Now go take charge of your success. Any agent or manager can only enhance what you bring to the table. They are brilliant to the industry, but it’s a partnership, just remember that!

90/10 rule. Bring that 90. Don’t underestimate that 10, these agents & managers are paramount. Respect them by upholding your end of the partnership!

Your career is a by-product of your work ethic & actions. You’ve got this!






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