AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE ACTOR|30 Seconds to Greatness

I may not be the most talented actor in the room, the most experienced, or marketable.

The same goes for you.

However, there will ALWAYS be enough roles, enough stories to tell- for all of us. If we seek roles that don’t exist, we create them. Lacking opportunity? We make one. Acting is “do-ing” afterall.

Try these in the mirror, every morning.

[It will feel silly, but we do a lot stranger things in a single audition. If you can’t let loose with yourself, when can you?]

Use the app: HabitBull to track your new routine & keep you accountable!

I CAN be the hardest worker & I will be.

I have a great attitude.

I AM coachable.

I AM punctual.

I WILL do the work.

I WILL be of service to others.
This includes uplifting any environment im present, and loving the community.



30 seconds, and you’re on the way to self love, and deep focus. There is power in our thoughts and our words. Our body is the vessel through which our characters live, let’s take care of it.





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